Vikram Munshi, «My coming to the Mir Stekla exhibition is a homecoming»

11.05.20235 minutes
Photo by Tatiana Oskerko

A major trade fair like Mir Stekla (glass products) is not only a productive platform for trade transactions, but also a kind of crossroads of destiny. Over 24 years of its existence, the exhibition has been able to bring together thousands of people from different countries and continents. It is encouraging that in such difficult times, companies and people for whom the Mir Stekla Moscow international exhibition has become a new starting point both in their own biographies and in the development of their businesses are returning to the exhibition. We are talking about India’s largest company producing parts, machinery and equipment for the glass industry, Shamvik Glasstech Private Limited.

We met with the head of the company, Mr. Munshi, on one of the last days of the exhibition at the stand of media partner Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. From the very first minutes of the meeting, it became clear that Vikram Munshi was pleased with the results of work and optimistic for the great opportunities for cooperation with Russian partners that had opened up.

Shamvik Glasstech Private Limited demonstrated its wide range and high quality of spare parts at the Mir Stekla exhibition. A demo version of the universally adaptable production control system was also unveiled. Shamvik Glasstech Private Limited offers advanced solutions and full interchangeability with leading European manufacturers. The company brought to the exhibition more than 600 kg of parts to prove its seriousness and ability to fulfill all the wishes of Russian customers. Engineers and electronics developers worked at the company’s stand all days long. To solve problems with logistics and payment, Shamvik Glasstech Private Limited set up its own company in Moscow, which has the right to conclude contracts and accept payment in rubles. This is a very important circumstance, but not the only reason why Vikram Munshi came to Moscow.

I am very pleased to be back at the Mir Stekla exhibition, I came here after many years of absence. This exhibition stands out for its positivity and activity compared to the numerous exhibitions I have attended. I would like to point out the excellent organisation of the exhibition. Whatever we ask for, the organisers answer, “yes, it is possible”. We have taken part in the Mir Stekla exhibition several times with a small stand. This year we came out with a large stand because we have a huge number of products that we want to show our Russian partners. I am prepared to give the Russian market an advantage in the form of a price for products that they have never received from European companies.

Over the four days, we had a large number of customers visiting our stand, and we received a very warm response from our Russian colleagues. We have established friendly relations with most of them. Moreover, I am already planning to double the size of our stand at Mir Stekla 2024.

But for me, coming to Moscow is also a very exciting personal event. I would say that it is a homecoming for my family and for the whole company. We had a presence on the Russian market back in the days of the USSR in the 1980s. That was when my father brought our company to Russia for the first time. I am the second generation to own the company, and now we are going back to Russia. Russia has undergone enormous changes since I was last here in 1992. I can responsibly say: your country is not inferior in terms of technology to other countries. From a historical point of view, and from a tourist’s point of view, there is nothing to compare it with.

We have carried out a detailed study of the Russian market; we have studied the whole range of problems your glass industry is facing. I predict and estimate the problems that may arise from the sanctions. We have established a company in Russia, our representative office, and we offer clients the possibility of paying in any currency that is permitted in Russia, including local rubles. In addition, we have worked out the whole logistics chain and can offer our customers delivery to site. Looking ahead, I would like to say that we are planning to start setting up warehouses in Russia next year.

Over the past year, we have travelled almost all over the country and visited a large number of glass factories in Russia, offering our services so that company managers know that there is a company ready to come to the rescue when needed. That is why we organised a very large stand at the exhibition and brought almost a ton of samples for demonstration. After all, not all customers can visit our factory in India to see all of our products. You have a saying: if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. Therefore, if you cannot come to India for a solution, we will bring that solution to you.

Moreover, I want to assure my Russian colleagues: we will not allow any crisis in the glass industry in Russia, especially in terms of technology. I want to pass the company on to my descendants in the future and for this, I must develop the business. It is clear to me that in the present circumstances this can and must be done with Russian partners.

Even now, you can book a stand to participate in Mir Stekla 2024 that will run from February 27 through March 1, 2024.

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