Transport and interchange hubs (TIH) are integral part of the transport infrastructure

10.03.20213 minutes

Within Russian Construction Week the Moscow City Urban Planning Policy Department with support of EXPOCENTRE AO organised the Foresight Session: Centres of Gravity. How Modern Commuting Hub Infrastructure is Changing the Urban Environment. 

The session was dedicated to transport and interchange hubs, which are centres of transport infrastructure development. The session moderator Ivan Kuryachy, managing partner of the Novaya Zemlya design and consulting company, said: "Transport infrastructure is what provides comfort and convenience for each citizen. High-quality transport infrastructure is a guarantee of attracting investments in development of various services. Infrastructure provision is the key to the success of city development, the formation of high-quality urban fabric. According to the moderator, interchange hubs are not only a transport component, but also various services that attract flows, this traffic. 

Igor Bakhirev, Head of Transport Engineering Centre of the Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute, told how the programme of transport interchange hubs was formed and what the goals and objectives were. The speaker noted: "We started to think about the transport interchange hubs system in the 2000s. 2010 was the beginning of development of Moscow transport interchange programme for Moscow and Moscow region together with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The emergence of a new mode of transport, the urban railway, is associated with the emergence of new transport hubs. Igor Bakhirev's presentation touched on the impact of the TIH on the development of the surrounding area and on a better quality of life for the population. 

Alexey Raskhodchikov, Deputy Director for External Communications of Mosinzhproekt AO, spoke about the development of the TIH and the challenges that this project solves. "The TIH should provide convenient transport interchange and quality logistics, so that a person could easily transfer from the car to the railway, bus, car sharing. This is the main objective of the programme," said the speaker. 

"Transport hubs are designed to develop areas. One of the most important tasks of the TIH is to increase the efficiency of urban development. The transport system is the most important tool for cities to compete and increase the speed of their development," said Timur Bashkayev, former chief architect of the MCC and head of the ABTB architectural bureau. 

At the end of the event, Natalia Trunova, Vice-President and Head of the Spatial Development Department at the Centre for Strategic Research, thanked those present for the interesting discussion. 

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