Short and long-term market prospects discussed at Forum on Translucent Structures

11.05.20233 minutes

The 5th Forum on Translucent Structures, Windows, Facades, Doors will take place on 1 March 2023 as part of the Russian Construction Week conference programme. The event is organised by the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Construction Sector of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Designers, the National Association of Construction Industry Participants, and the StroiBezPoter consulting company.

The main topic of the forthcoming forum will be the necessary changes and state support measures for the sustainable and effective development of the glass industry and the production of translucent structures and materials using glass in the context of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Efim Basin, Chair at the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Construction Sector of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will give a welcome speech to the participants. Andrey Lotsmanov, Co-chair at the Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, will report on technical regulation in the current economic environment. Dmitry Pereverzev, Executive Director at the Association of Manufacturers of Construction Materials, Equipment and Raw Materials of the Eurasian Economic Union, will speak about prospects of approval of the EAEU Technical Regulation of Safety of Construction Materials and Products.

Nikolay Gavrilov-Kremichev, Head at the Information & Publishing Center “Modern Building Construction”, will analyse the situation in the glass and translucent structures industry.

Aleksandr Konstantinov, Head of the Facade Systems Research Center at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University), Chair at PK 24 TK 465 “Construction”, will talk about research for normative documentation in the field of translucent structures.

The discussion session will be attended by researchers from Glass Research Institute and representatives from leading manufacturers of translucent structures.

Viktor Novoselov, President at the Russian Union of Designers, spoke in more detail about the forum's aims and objectives:

The fact that this year's Mir Stekla is being held for the first time as part of Russian Construction Week is seen by glass industry professionals as positive and promising. It is a great opportunity to meet representatives from a wide range of segments of Russia's construction industry. Our forum will discuss topics directly related to the facilities and nuances of modern construction, in which translucent structures are actively used today: façades, window glazing and fire protection.  

“And yet the main topic at this year's forum will be import substitution. Since the start of the sanctions, the industry has been tackling these problems step by step. If we talk about glass production, there is nothing wrong with that, glass is produced in sufficient quantities. But the situation with the supply of equipment and tools needs to be addressed, including the localisation of these production facilities. The same applies to fittings, fasteners for glass products, windows, doors, partitions and so on.

“One more important topic is the need to continue to work on further improvement of the reliability and quality of fire-resistant, explosion-proof, heat-resistant and heat-efficient glass.

“The forum will have discussions on alternatives, including discussions with Iranian colleagues, whom we have specifically invited to this event.”

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