Residential development’s success depends on its comfort level

02.03.20232 minutes

The Conference on the Best Practices in Housing Construction took place within the RosBuild 2023 exhibition at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, the Development School, the National Association of Home Builders and ERZ.RF. 

Successful construction cases were discussed and presented at the event. Maxim Ovodkov, President of National Investors Association, told about the example of the first modern development in Tver taking into account the problem of street and road networks: "When designing the quarter (Pervomaysky Residential Complex), analysing the existing street and road network, we came to the conclusion that it is in the busy area of the city and there are many roads passing through it. This space needs to be made as private and safe as possible for future residents. So we decided to make the intra-block passageways a dead-end street, except for two local streets leading to district streets. This will optimise vehicular traffic by eliminating chaotic through traffic through the residential development. The main principles of our project are safety and comfort of the residents.

Vasily Kurbatskikh, the founder of L-TOWN project, shared his experience and vision of modern housing construction with the professional audience. He said that the project presents the concept of developing new territories because, according to him, many people move to Moscow and St. Petersburg because they cannot find decent housing in the regions, and this is a trend across the country. "We have a specific goal, which we have almost achieved - to develop the place near Chelyabinsk where the most expensive real estate in Russia, suburban real estate. We are already successfully competing with Moscow and the Moscow Region," states Vasily Kurbatskikh.

The conference was also attended by Evelina Ishmetova, founder of the Developers' School and director of development and consulting at KEY CAPITAL; Vladimir Zemlyanoy, founder and director of Sibirsky Kedr OOO; Svetlana Permyakova, head of finish and landscaping at Donstroy; Ksenia Golovanova, chief architect and junior partner at the architectural and landscaping firm AFA; and other experts.

The speakers also discussed topics such as the planning of the housing estate, landscaping, landscape design and the principles of the developer's work. In their opinion, it is always worth paying attention to successful foreign and Russian cases to create the most profitable and efficient development project.


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