Press Release Russian Construction Week 2023

25.01.20235 minutes

From 28 February to 3 March 2023, Russian Construction Week 2023, one of the industry's authoritative events aimed at implementing state programmes and national projects, housing renovation programmes and the formation of a modern urban environment, will be held. At the Week, leading Russian and foreign companies will demonstrate advanced materials and technologies, and the conference programme will address topical issues with the participation of government officials.

In 2023, the product sectors of Russian Construction Week will be significantly expanded, as the Mir Stekla exhibition will be held alongside RosBuild, the 4th International Exhibition for Building and Finishing Materials and Technologies. The synergy of the two exhibitions will attract a significant number of targeted visitors, who will be able to learn about innovative materials, equipment and technologies presented by construction and glass industry professionals.

EXPOCENTRE AO organises the RosBuild exhibition with the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Union of Designers, Aluminium Association, National Association of Home Builders.  

120 companies are to take part in the exhibition, including: Gazpromneft - Bitumen materials, SIBUR Holding, Tatneft-Presscomposite, Research Center of Construction, Bolid, Martini Rus, PhosAgro, Ferro-Stroy, Stroymet, Lighting Technologies, 7 skameek, Rich LED, IMG Lighting, Bonolit and others. Exhibitors from Russia, Belarus and Turkiye will display their products. This year, companies from Iran have noticeably stepped up their participation. 

The 9,500 sq. m RosBuild showcase will cover various aspects of the modern construction industry: from the application of BIM technologies and IT solutions in design to the use of innovative building and finishing materials and engineering systems.

Traditionally, specialised showrooms and venues will present their exhibitors.

The Low-rise Housing Salon, which will once again bring together developers from different regions of Russia, is in demand not only from professionals, but also from private visitors planning to build a country house. Industrial construction of low-rise houses is supported by the Russian Government. This topic is attracting more and more interest, therefore the Salon's exposition grows wider every year.

The Energy Efficient Construction and Technology platform organised by the Passive House Institute will showcase their developments and projects both by green building leaders and young, rapidly developing Russian companies from different regions of the country.

The main event of Russian Construction Week 2023 will be Building the Future of Russia Together Forum where the topical problems of the industry will be discussed during the panels, plenary sessions and discussions. The forum will focus on state support measures for the construction industry, infrastructure development in new territories, digitalization in the construction industry, green construction, and much more.

The central event of the forum will be the 8th Russian Meeting on the Development of Housing Construction, organised by the National Association of Home Builders, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Institute for the Development of the Construction Industry and EXPOCENTRE AO. The forum will be opened by the Plenary Meeting on the Development of Housing Construction in the Russian Federation.  The main topics of the Russian Meeting include development of housing construction in the Russian Federation in the current geopolitical situation, stimulation of investment activity in housing construction, issues of sustainable development of building materials production.

In 2022, the forum included an awards ceremony for the winners of the Top Residential Awards, in which 949 residential complexes from 597 developers took part. In 2023, the organisers - the National Association of Home Builders, the Institute for the Development of the Construction Industry and EXPOCENTRE AO - plan to increase the number of award participants. On 28 February, an awards ceremony will be held for the winners of the Top Residential Awards 2023.

The forum days will include events dedicated to the development of mortgage lending in residential construction, disputes over the quality of flats in new buildings, project financing of residential construction, development of the system of independent qualification assessment in construction, green construction and operation, projects of the future, main directions of development of technical regulation in construction and other important topics. The conference programme will for the first time cover the topic of Additive Technologies in Construction.

The most significant events of the conference programme will be:

  • 2nd Summit on Residential Development Trends for Developers
  • Plenary meeting: the 3rd Russian Meeting on the Development of Building Materials Production
  • 6th Conference ‘Low-rise Russia 2023’
  • Panels on building materials and import substitution
  • 25th International Conference: the Passive House energy-efficient building design and construction technologies
  • Digitalisation in residential development from design to operation

RosBuild is restricted to 12+.

RosBuild 2023 works from 10.00 to 18.00 from 28 February to 2 March, and from 10.00 to 16.00 on 3 March. The official opening of Russian Construction Week 2023 will take place during the plenary session on 28 February at 10:00, Pavilion 2, Blue Hall.

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