New technologies in housing construction

16.03.20212 minutes

A conference held by the Russian Union of Designers, the National Association of Home Builders and EXPOCENTRE AO within Russian Construction Week was devoted to new technologies in housing construction. 

Vice President of the National Association of Construction Industry Participants Nikolay Zhelayev talked about an energy-efficient modular house-building system based on 3D panels for low-rise construction and renovation. According to him, this house-building system makes it possible to create a marketable product in the construction market: low-cost buildings and structures. Their characteristics are durability, safety, quality, and energy efficiency. It can be used in residential, industrial, agricultural, transport and logistics construction, in the construction of public buildings, healthcare and social facilities, etc. Another advantage is that they can be built with modules. One line of industrial equipment manufactures house-building elements, which are then used to build buildings and structures of various shapes and purposes. 

Lead Engineer of Zavod LIT Vasiliy Kuzmin showed cases of the effective use of reflective insulation and polyethylene foam in the construction industry.

Chairman of the Council of the Association of Wooden Construction of the Vologda Region Sergey Shkakin talked about the organisation of mobile industrial production of prefabricated wooden house sets for individual housing construction.

The conference also dealt with faсade systems for low-rise buildings, expanded capabilities of ceramic materials in modern architecture and urban landscape, innovative coatings for public spaces, and other latest technologies for construction.

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