Modern Bonolit building technology for energy-efficient construction

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It is no secret that in the process of building your own country house, responsibility falls on the shoulders of the decision-maker. Even the seemingly simple choice of material raises a lot of questions: what challenges are possible, how the material will behave, how it can and cannot be handled, and how to take full advantage of its benefits.

That is why Bonolit Group has developed a comprehensive approach that includes not only a wide range of aerated concrete blocks and related tools, but also the services of highly qualified technicians who will advise on all the details of working with Bonolit products.

Bonolit Group now has nine production lines of aerated concrete in Russia’ s Central Federal District and Volga Federal District.

Bonolit has developed an innovative comprehensive house-building system called the Heat Formula that embodies the idea of modern and reliable construction. Bonolit products are used to build 450 high-rise and 15,000 low-rise houses annually, and 44,500 families choose Bonolit products every year.

The Heat Formula energy-efficient construction system

The Bonolit Heat Formula is a complete system for building an energy efficient house. It is a modern, environmentally friendly and high-quality material for low-rise and high-rise housing construction. Bonolit is currently the benchmark for energy-efficient technology in construction.

The Heat Formula system includes such flagship products as

  • Bonolit40 wall blocks
  • P(U)-blocks
  • Reinforced aerated concrete lintels
  • The Heat Formula polyurethane adhesive

Bonolit 40 is 400 mm thick wall blocks of D400 and D500 density, which are recommended for use in the construction of external and internal load-bearing walls up to 4 storeys high without additional insulation. The product is designed specifically for private housing construction.

The blocks are manufactured using high precision European Wehrhahn and HESS equipment. All production processes is fully automated, which guarantees the high quality of the product.

Due to the strength and longevity of the material, any building constructed from it does not require either current or capital repairs, and lasts more than 100 years.

The blocks have high fire safety ratings. This is a big plus for the operation of buildings.

Due to the lightness of aerated concrete blocks, the building can be erected and installed up to four times faster. Due to the fact that the blocks have a large number of pores in their structure, they retain heat and breathe very well. This makes it possible to increase the thermal energy efficiency of buildings many times over.

Bonolit U-blocks are designed for the rapid erection of a strong monolithic belt.


- Ease of installation. The low specific weight of U-shaped blocks, while maintaining high strength characteristics, saves money on the use of construction machinery and lifting equipment.

- Precise geometrical dimensions. U-blocks are produced according to the standard sizes of Bonolit blocks, and this simplifies the work of setting up the monolithic belt.

- The homogeneity of the wall. The U-block wall has a homogeneous surface, which simplifies and speeds up the process of exterior and interior finishing of the building.

- The U-block design provides for the thickening of one side wall, which faces the outside during installation, and thus prevents heat losses.

Due to the ease of installation and the precise geometric dimensions, the production speed of a monolithic belt using Bonolit U-blocks is increased by a factor of three.

The Bonolit Heat Formula polyurethane adhesive

The Heat Formula polyurethane adhesive is designed for the construction of exterior, interior walls and partition walls using Bonolit blocks and is an excellent alternative to traditional thin-layer cement masonry mortars.

With the help of this adhesive you can significantly reduce labour intensity of work. In addition, the adhesive has such advantages as:

  • excellent adhesion to the surface of Bonolit blocks
  • wide temperature range from -10 C to +30 C
  • no thermal bridges
  • homogeneity of the wall
  • 1 cylinder replaces more than 3 bags of dry fine stonework mortar.

Total cost savings are up to 50% due to high speed of work, waste-free use of adhesive in laying, no need for electricity, water, tools, transport, unloading, storage and warehousing. The adhesive is ready to use.

Poritep aerated concrete lintels are a completely innovative product in the Bonolit Group range.

The material is used in the construction of buildings and structures to cover window openings, doors and other technological openings.

The purpose of a lintel is to transfer the load from the wall above, whilst maintaining the building opening. They also serve as a base for the continuation of the wall, for creating a concrete belt or for creating a slab.

In its essence, a lintel is a load-bearing structure which embodies all the advantages of aerated concrete: the material is non-combustible, the product is not susceptible to the formation of mould and mildew, durable, easy to install and handle, has perfect geometry, requires no additional insulation and is environmentally friendly. It is a light and warm substitute for reinforced concrete lintels.

The products are manufactured on an industrial scale using state-of-the-art equipment, which is unparalleled in Europe and Russia.

Innovation: not a trend but the foundation of competitive advantage

Bonolit Group works daily to improve its products, expanding its range with innovative products such as D300 heat insulation and structural block, D200 stone insulation, reinforced aerated concrete lintels and the Heat Formula polyurethane adhesive.

The use of high-quality raw materials and unique formulation is also of great importance in Bonolit's production activities. The quality of building materials, including new reinforced line of products, meets all generally accepted standards and is considerably higher than current Russian GOST standards.

Every day, Bonolit Group works to give the market not only the best wall materials but also quality service. Bonolit Group offers unique service conditions that include standard projects, training in the Bonolit Academy, technical support, recommended construction teams, on-line calculator and on-line 24/7 logistics.

Bonolit Group not only manages to meet the growing demands of the construction market, but also to be ahead of the curve and anticipate the main trends in future market processes.

We invite you to visit the Bonolit stand to get acquainted with the latest products and technologies from the company!

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