Marat Khusnullin addressed the participants in Russian Construction Week 2023

26.09.20232 minutes
Photo by RIA Novosti /Alexey Nikolsky

“The Russian Construction Week is a large-scale platform, which for years has brought together representatives of the authorities and the construction business to discuss issues affecting further development of the industry and improvement of citizens’ living standards,” the Deputy Prime Minister said in his greeting.

As Marat Khusnullin said, the dialogue between the government and business is more important today than ever before. Despite the challenges the construction industry faced last year, it remains the driver of our country’s economic development.
“The past year went down in the industry’s history not only by achieving record levels of housing commissioning and the volume of work performed in construction,” says the welcome message.
“The Russian Government approved the most important document, the Strategy for Developing the Construction Industry and Housing and Utilities until 2030 with a forecast to 2035. It confirms the priorities for providing affordable housing and creating a comfortable urban environment. Measures have been defined to introduce modern approaches to urban planning and new technologies, as well as to share best practices.”

Among the important present-day challenges, the Deputy Prime Minister named digitalisation of the industry and import substitution.
“I am glad that these issues have become the main topics of the Russian Construction Week 2023” Marat Khusnullin noted concluding, “I wish all its participants effective work.”

Source: ERZ

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