MANGRA joint protection designs meet the best global standards

26.09.20234 minutes

MANGRA® is a manufacturer of expansion joint protection and joint design products under the MANGRA® brand. The company is going to take part in RosBuild for the first time. This Russian brand with its own engineering office has become a true technological leader in its segment of the construction industry.

Pavilion No.8, Stand 81D50

When designing and constructing long buildings, in most cases there are expansion joints which need to be protected or designed with special constructions. The structures produced by MANGRA have a number of recognised advantages. These include durability, ease of installation, maintainability and efficient service.

To become a technological leader and offer affordable but durable solutions, the company's specialists set up a design office and production and logistics site in St. Petersburg in 2015. Here, state-of-the-art technology and dual quality control standards are applied. MANGRA® products are fully compliant in terms of production and design quality with the best industry standards worldwide. MANGRA is currently the only company that combines a design office, production, quality control and product installation support service. Our focus on expansion joints alone makes it possible to keep the most demanded designs in stock at all times. New designs for expansion joints can be quickly produced to meet individual customer orders.

Every year we make dozens of new ranges to meet a variety of customer needs. We continually increase our stock levels to shorten delivery times to our customers' construction sites, and 70% of our range is always in our stock of finished products.

The company's engineers are on hand to help solve technical problems of any complexity: helping clients select the most suitable construction solutions for their site conditions for expansion joint protection, travelling to construction sites for consultation if the situation requires it, and holding individual training workshops for specialists from design and general contracting companies.

“At RosBuild 2023, we plan to present the entire range of designs for our products," said representatives of MANGRA. “We also plan to show all industry professionals the engineering capabilities of our bureau and the technological capabilities of our production. We will present our new complete Guidelines for the Design of Expansion Joints. In addition, we will have our second product line, PLINTO® industrial skirting boards, at the stand.”

We would like to show visitors and customers that modern, durable, reasonably priced joint protection systems are not only realistic, but necessary. MANGRA® designs now meet the highest industry standards in terms of design, safety and sustainability.

We would like to see at our stand, first and foremost, design companies which design large building projects and complexes, but also technical representatives of customer companies, builders, general contractors and maintenance services. Our products will be useful and interesting to all professionals who come into contact with the subject of expansion joints in construction: design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance of structures. This includes investors and developers, general contractors and building contractors, architects and designers of design organisations, builders, technical supervision services, building services for industrial, commercial, public and residential buildings and facilities.

According to our experience, face to face networking is the most effective way of communication between professionals. We assume that visitors to our stand will be interested in seeing the designs for expansion joints live. Representatives of companies which are involved in the design of expansion joints will be able to get technical advice and have their questions answered directly by our engineers.

Despite all the challenges facing our company in 2022, we consider it a fairly successful year. Our company, in addition to increasing production and product sales, successfully implemented a number of additional projects during the year:

  • more than 20 new MANGRA® design series have been developed and manufactured

  • successful participation in trade shows with our PLINTO® product line

  • publication of the new Big Guide to Joint Protection and Design

  • the start of construction of a new production and logistics site.

In general, the company managed to cope with the crisis in its core business areas. We had to re-adjust our supply chain for a number of materials and raw materials very quickly, but this did not affect our commitment to our customers. Our company is sufficiently resilient and flexible in today's rapidly changing market conditions. MANGRA's specialists in their professional activities are always focused on the active growth and development of the industry. Perfection knows no limits...

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