Low house is one of the key topics at Russian Construction Week 2023

26.09.20233 minutes

The 6th Conference on Low House in Russia 2023 took place within Russian Construction Week 2023 held at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event was organised by the Russian Union of Designers, the National Association of Construction Industry Participants and EXPOCENTRE AO. 

The conference opened with a plenary session moderated by Viktor Novoselov, President of the Russian Union of Designers, and Alexander Loschenko, President of NOSI and President of the Construction Industry Union of Sverdlovsk Region. 

In his opening speech to the conference participants, Efim Basin, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Committee on Entrepreneurship in Construction, emphasised the importance of ‘Low house in Russia’ theme as the housing problem, like roads, has been a perennial issue for Russia. 

Today, he said, there is an aspiration to solve this problem. The national project 'Housing and Urban Environment' sets serious goals: to build another billion square metres of housing by 2030, i.e. to increase the housing available today by a fifth, to reach the level of commissioning 120 million square metres of housing per year, to provide improved housing conditions for at least 5 million families and to improve living comfort by a half. 

According to Efim Basin, individual housing construction should play a significant role in solving such a large-scale task: "People are fed up with the development of a dozen and a half agglomerations that are adding housing in high-rise buildings. On average in Russia, we drive these people into 18-storey houses and flats of 45 sq.m. What kind of demography, what kind of development, comfort and coziness can we talk about? Surveys show that 73% of our population would like to live in a separate house with a piece of land, and they are understandable. 

Large-panel housing has become too much of a priority. But today there is an understanding that housing is a priority for the housing policy. And already in 2021, the area of residential housing will exceed the area of commissioned apartment buildings, said Efim Basin. 

Continuing the theme First Deputy President of the Russian Union of Home Builders Vladimir Dedyukhin drew the attention of colleagues to the fact that the key to success of low-rise construction lies in the regions. Therefore, the Union concentrates its efforts on working with regional administrations, builders and banking structures. 

Ramil Usmanov, President of the Association of Residential Property Developers, spoke about tools for the development of suburban real estate. He cited the VTSIOM survey, according to which 40% of the Russian population is planning to move to a country house in the next five years. 

Elena Nikolaeva, Moscow City Duma Deputy and President of the National Agency for Low-Rise and Cottage Construction, voiced the problems faced by cottage settlements in New Moscow, in particular. 

There were also thematic sessions on urban planning and territorial development, architectural concepts, industrial and modular housing, materials and equipment for low-rise housing construction. 

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