Kazakhstan's largest and most modern company, Orda Glass Ltd, will make a debut at Mir Stekla

15.05.20232 minutes
Photo by A. Ualiev

Orda Glass Ltd, a subsidiary of China Glass Holdings Ltd., from Kazakhstan, will take part in the Mir Stekla 2023 exhibition for the first time. The company is located in the industrial zone of Kyzylorda city, Kyzylorda region. The plant covers an area of about 500,000 sq m and currently employs over 380 people.

The launch of a high-quality float glass production line has made Orda Glass Ltd the first in Kazakhstan, as well as the largest and most modern facility in Central Asia. The maximum daily production capacity reaches 600 tonnes, with an annual production capacity of 197,100 tonnes of float glass. The company officially opened and started production on 9 September 2022. The main products include transparent colourless float glass, coloured float glass and coated glass. Meeting the domestic demand for high quality float glass in Kazakhstan, the products are sold in the markets of Central Asia, as well as in other countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan.

The Kyzylorda glass project is a key project under the One Belt One Road strategy, which has been commended by the governments of China and Kazakhstan, and is also included in Kazakhstan’s national industrialisation plan and national key projects. The company intends to take full advantage of its strengths, focus on internal management, and promote the localisation of sheet glass in Kazakhstan and contribute to the prosperity of the local economy.

Visitors to Mir Stekla will be able to get detailed advice on all technical questions at the stand of Orda Glass Ltd.

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