GeoPlastBoard products will give any landscape a stylish, finished look

28.09.20232 minutes

For the first time, GeoPlastBoard, a company specialising in products for landscaping, site improvement, construction and the implementation of architectural ideas, will be exhibiting at RosBuild. At its stand, the manufacturer will present one of its most popular products - plastic borders for the design of recreational areas.

The design of areas, paths, flowerbeds and beds with garden fencing is one of the handy tools for landscapers. This simple technique greatly improves the attractiveness of an area. Fencing comes down to a simple and clear separation of the two areas. By delimiting the areas, plastic edging most often forms curved lines that flow seamlessly one into the other and give the garden or leisure area a modern, neat look.

Plastic edging produced by GeoPlastBoard will help professionals to decorate flowerbeds in an original way, to highlight areas in the garden and on the territory between buildings, to make landscape design more interesting. The application field of the curb is quite wide, it is used to create invisible and clear borders of straight and curved forms, to separate zones with decorative filling, to strengthen without concreting the edge of backwaters, to model bedding circles around trees, bushes, favorite flowers, to hold the edge of rubber playground coverings, to create forms of flower beds, alpine slides, to form shaped beds and inscriptions.

- One of our advantages is that we have our own production facilities located in the Central region of the Russian Federation, said Igor Titov, GeoPlastBoard Sales Director. As this makes it possible to promptly make changes to the range and ensure fast delivery. We are gradually extending the range by adding items that are in demand by our customers today: geotextiles, shapes for paths, drainage gutters, lawn gratings and many others. The main buyers of our products are landscapers, builders, and wholesale garden centres. For participation in RosBuild, we decided to exhibit the products we manufacture ourselves - plastic curbs, aluminium flowerbeds and lawn gratings. The main objective we set for ourselves by exhibiting is to find new customers, landscaping professionals who do not yet know us and are not familiar with our company. We hope that they will be interested in our products.

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