Feedback of exhibitors and visitors to Russian Construction Week and RosBuild 2021

12.05.20217 minutes

Feedback of exhibitors and visitors

Irek Faizullin, Russian Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities:

- Such exhibitions allow you to see new trends and tendencies, and look at qualified management in the field of industrial building materials. Many projects were also presented today to the jury, which selected the best integrated development projects in Russia. I congratulate everyone on their success. Radical changes will take place in the application of composite materials. Glass reinforcement is also showcased at the exhibition. Objects will become lighter in the future. Designers, builders and customers have to overcome themselves and substitute metal with composite materials.   

Nikolay Shumakov, President of the Union of Architects of Russia:

- We have come to a major construction forum. We have looked each other in the eye. We have realised that the construction industry is alive and well. It was encouraging that there were a lot of people, that there was a big business related programme, and that the Ministry of Construction responded very actively to the event. It is very good. It is clear that the status of such an event is very high. There was a Russian competition for the best developments. On the first day of Russian Construction Week, the winners were announced. I wish these heroes of the construction sector much joy and many new orders today and in the future.

Sergey Lyovkin, Head of the Moscow City Urban Planning Policy Department:

- Last year we had to limit our activities. And today you can feel the active desire of the exhibitors to show and tell... This is a good sign, a good start to Russian Construction Week. We are showing major urban development projects in Moscow, including all the transport infrastructure projects such as metro, transport interchanges, MCC, the programme for renovating residential areas, repurposing of industrial spaces, and creation of major sports clusters. EXPOCENTRE has always been a very welcoming venue in Moscow, so we are happy to participate and work here.   

Efim Basin, Chairman at the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Construction Sector of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- Next year we are going to prepare a large programme together with EXPOCENTRE again. And we are going to bring in the whole professional community: the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Builders of Russia Union, the National Association of Builders, the National Association of Members Performing Engineering Surveys and Design Documentation, the Russian Union of Designers, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Association of Ceramic Materials, and the National Roofing-trade Union. They will all work together.

RosBuild is a landmark event. Certainly we will support it and live in it.

Nadezhda Prokopeva, Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Association of Members Performing Engineering Surveys and Design Documentation:

- Here, at Russian Construction Week at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, all events touch on training issues in one way or another. It is very important for representatives of the industry to meet, exchange opinions and discuss the problems that exist today. At RosBuild and Russian Construction Week, we would like to encourage people to continue to use both online and offline formats, where they can take part in events online, listen to recordings and, of course, come to the venue themselves to share their opinions.  

Dmitry Tubolets, Projects Head at SURFACE LABORATORY by Kerama Marazzi:

– There is a lot of activity at RosBuild. We are networking with a lot of architects and developers. We already have first leads to promote our materials further. They are very interested in us. I think that we will sign new contracts and see our Moscow and our country using our materials. RosBuild is a springboard for our company. It allows us to develop, grow and become stronger.

Vladislav Kopitsa, founder of Open Village:

- It is the first time that Open Village organises a stand at RosBuild within Russian Construction Week to hold masterclasses with different companies presenting different products. Consumers who come to the exhibition can get all their questions answered by professionals. This is a mini project of Open Village at the exhibition. This is a great platform for manufacturers and consumers because no matter what kind of weather is outside, it is always warm and comfortable inside, one can talk and get information. Consumers like it a lot. Those, who are now before the season thinking about building something, have already got their answers here and now they are making their decisions. If you are planning to build a house, I recommend that you come to RosBuild to the Open Village master class stand.

Nikolay Oskin, CEO at Stroymet:

- We have made a difficult decision to participate in this year's exhibition. Despite all the difficulties, we are determined to serve private buyers and large companies. Judging by the questions we hear at the exhibition, everyone wants information about the market, about business. There is a very comfortable business atmosphere here without any extra dramatics. Conversations here are detailed and substantive. People need this exhibition. Networking is very constructive and effective. We understand it very well. We invite everyone. Come along, you won't regret it.

Dmitry Rosinenkov, CEO at Ogneza Group:

- This year we have decided to take part in this exhibition. It was a strategic decision. We are also taking part in its event programme where we will be able to discuss a number of issues related to construction and fire protection. We have a lot of new products which we offer to the modern construction industry.

Yesterday, Mr Faizullin, Russian Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, was at our stand. He was interested in our materials, in particular, fireproofing of wood and fireproofing of metal in the form of paints.

Participation in the exhibition gives us new opportunities to promote our products in the Russian market.

Igor Gusakov, CEO at KERAPLAST:

- The first day of the exhibition showed good results in terms of attendance. Our stand was visited by Russian Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities. We have made good contacts directly with directors of construction companies, as well as with contractors who deal with equipment. This year we are satisfied with our participation and the results we have so far in terms of visits and contacts. Next year we will also take part in RosBuild, and we will book the best place in advance, the same as we have now.

Mustafa Oklyuk, CEO at CREAFITTERS:

- There are a lot of positive contacts here. Engineers come to us for architectural and design solutions, as well as representatives of various city and regional administrations with their projects of administrative importance. This is the second time we are exhibiting at this show. We like it very much and there is a lot of interest in our company. Especially now that the commercial relations between Turkey and Russia are very good.

Alberto Favaron, Project Director at Kerama Marazzi Group:

- It is a great pleasure to take part in RosBuild 2021 and its supporting events. Kerama Marazzi has always worked closely with the construction sector and continues to do so today. This year we have introduced a new format. Products such as SuperMaxi 160 x 320, a thickened porcelain stoneware with a thickness of up to two centimetres. Our products can be used in all types of interiors, urban development and exteriors. New technology makes it possible to produce large-scale products in a variety of formats with different distinctive qualities.

It is the reason that we took part in Russian Construction Week and RosBuild. Participation in this exhibition helps us build closer and stronger relationships with major developers and builders.

Stepan Kiselev, Sales Director at Alpbau:

- This is the first time that we exhibit at RosBuild. It was very interesting here. There are a lot of people. I expected there would be fewer. We found some partner contacts. There are a lot of representatives from Russian regions. Our dealers from Krasnodar and Vladivostok have come to the exhibition to meet us. After the exhibition, we are going to have a meeting with interesting potential customers. Hopefully, we will receive a major order.

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