Feedback from exhibitors and visitors to Russian Construction Week 2022 and RosBuild 2022

10.03.20225 minutes

Sergey Lyovkin, Head of the Moscow City Urban Planning Policy Department:

- Today Russian Construction Week opened at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. The event began with a plenary session with the top officials of the Russian construction complex, with a welcoming speech and an assessment of the situation by Marat Shakirzyanovich Khusnullin, the Deputy Prime Minister who supervises this sector. I would like to note that EXPOCENTRE has prepared its space and provided assistance to the developers, participants in the conference programme at the highest level. And as always, it is a pleasure to be here at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds with a full-fledged support.

Vitaly Balashov, Founder of Balashovskiye Doma Company:

- At this year's RosBuild, we set ourselves the task of building a life-size fragment of a two-storey house at our stand as part of a masterclass, which is being held in conjunction with Open Village.

We accomplished the small feat of putting this construction together in three days.  We designed it in such a way as to show the most complex elements of a frame house, how they should be done, how to do them correctly. And during the exhibition itself, all four days we show the individual types of work: insulation of the house, facade finishing, vapour barrier and electrical protection. The roofing was done over the porch.     

I would also like to note that within the exhibition and its format, it is possible to build, in fact, a real house right in the pavilion.

Nikolay Bufetov, Founder of Terrapol Company:

- Our participation in this exhibition is very effective. The attendance at our stand is above average. Sometimes we don't even have time to handle incoming questions and communicate with all the visitors who come to our stand. We are presenting new products at this trade show: floor coverings, terrace boards from wood polymer composite. There are no analogues on the Russian market yet.  

Both professionals and amateurs, construction companies, retailers and private consumers of building materials come to our stand.

Mark Felisola, Project Head at DoorHan:

- DoorHan has been exhibiting at RosBuild for many years. This year, our company is presenting a unique product, which our customers don't know about yet. It is an innovative technology for quickly erecting buildings. And this exhibition allows us to inform a greater number of clients that such a product has appeared. Participation in the exhibition is an opportunity to expand the network of our clients. Today, I was able to meet with clients not only from all over Russia: people came from the Far East and Siberia, but also from Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The exhibition offers unique opportunities.

Vladislav Kopitsa, Founder of Open Village Company:

- This is the second time Open Village has held master classes and consultations at RosBuild for those who are thinking about building a house and doesn't know where to start and what to build with. All kinds of building materials are on display here. These are block construction (three different types of blocks), as well as frame construction, monolithic construction, flat roofs and SIP panels. In general, a person will get answers to all his questions here. Furthermore, he can try to plaster walls and find out how to install a window correctly. All the information is at RosBuild. Come, see, learn, and build your own house.

Sergey Mullin, Commercial Director at TK Svetotekhnika OOO:

- The previous year we also took part in the exhibition. We really enjoyed exhibiting here. There was exactly the kind of client we needed. They were planners, designers, architects. We are actively working with them today. And we doubled our production thanks to the exhibition last year. We hope that after today's exhibition we will increase by three times. We are ready to participate next year as well.

Tamara Russkikh, Bongioanni’s representative:

- I represent the Italian company Bongioanni-Macchine, which offers equipment for bricks production. This is the first time we are taking part in RosBuild. Unfortunately, my Italian colleagues were unable to come, because the flight connection was cancelled. But they send their warmest greetings to everyone they know - their friends, partners, colleagues and customers. And they are very sorry that they could not come. I hope that in the near future, everything will work out and they will come here, because RosBuild is an exhibition, where you can show your achievements, meet your clients, establish contacts and network. And even just meet people. And the human factor has always been of great importance in our lives.

Oksana Gorbach, Head of Tender Department at Ferro-Stroy:

- Ferro-Stroy participated in RosBuild for the first time this year. We are developing planning solutions for car parks and erecting them on a turnkey basis. We are very pleased, especially with the first day of the exhibition. We had a lot of visitors. It even came to the point where design solutions were developed on the corporate notebook online. There were a lot of regional representatives and manufacturers, which is especially important nowadays. RosBuild showed very good results.

Andrey Bannov, Project Head at Dom Technonicol:

- We have brought Dom Technonicol technologies to RosBuild 2022 - box solutions for building a modern, high-quality, energy-efficient house of any architecture and layout. The exhibition is not limited to stands where you can talk to each other and ask for details. There is also an excellent conference programme, in which we will also be participating on a whole range of topics.

Ekaterina Zheleznova, Consulting Manager at Ecookna:

- Ecookna is a permanent exhibitor at RosBuild. This year we showcased a number of new products. These are the window-lighting and the electrically heated window. People from different regions visited the exhibition, mostly builders. There were also many private customers with interesting projects for their future homes.

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