Equipment for all kinds of glass industries will be on display at Stekloimpex' stand

06.02.20232 minutes

A regular exhibitor at the Mir Stekla exhibition, Stekloimpex annually presents equipment and components from the world's leading manufacturers - WH Moulds, Tempsens Instruments Pvt. Ltd., JEFFER, SERTO, PIAB, PHD, BIMBA and MAC VALVES. Dmitry Novikov, Deputy General Director of Stekloimpex, told more details about what exactly the company will be ready to offer to the visitors to Mir Stekla 2023.

- To date, we are the exclusive official representative and partner of the following companies in Russia and the CIS:

- Changshu Weiheng Mould Manufacture Co. Ltd. - a Chinese manufacturer of high quality moulds for manufacturing glass containers at a minimum price;

- Jeffer Engineering and Technology, a leader in the design and construction of glass factories in the PRC, is ready to arrange for the prompt selection and supply of any equipment, consumables and components from the best Chinese suppliers, namely: inspection equipment, levers, conveyors, glass forming machines, quick release ceramics, oils and greases, printer inks and chemicals, hot and cold end equipment, high pressure fans, motors, drives and inverters;

- Tempsens Instruments Pvt. Ltd. - an Indian company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of thermal engineering products, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-precision temperature sensors for the glass industry; the company manufactures thermocouples, temperature controllers, thermowells, cables, non-contact pyrometers, heaters, calibration devices, etc.

Since the introduction of sanctions, we have switched new orders for thermocouple production to this state-of-the-art factory in India. All the components for manufacturing our thermocouples are sourced from Germany.

The Tempsens solutions and equipment we supply are designed for all kinds of industries, including glassware, float glass, glass fibre, grade glass, ampoules, tubes and special glass. Tempsens prides itself on its technical solutions, fast delivery, the highest technical standards and quality demanded by customers worldwide in over 72 countries on five continents.

We will be presenting thermocouples / pyrometers, mould sets, as well as a variety of equipment from Chinese manufacturers, at our exhibition stand.

To sum up the year 2022, we can summarise that the company managed to overcome the crisis quickly. We have refocused thanks to the diversification of supplies and the well-established relationships in China and India.

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