Digitalisation of construction is a separate topic at Russian Construction Week 2022

03.03.20222 minutes

The Panel on Development of State-Managed Information Systems in Urban Planning was held within the supporting programme of Russian Construction Week 2022. The event was organised by NAIMT – the National Association of Organizations in the Field of Information Modeling Technologies and EXPOCENTRE AO. 

The moderator, Mikhail Viktorov, President of NAIMT and Head of the Commission for Digitalisation of the Construction Industry of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, noted that the topic of digitalisation in each of the industry associations now plays a key role and the Ministry of Construction, Rosreestr (the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography) and the Ministry of Digital Development are working hard to develop information systems.

According to Pyotr Metelkin, Head of the Department of the Project Office for Digital Transformation of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, state information systems for urban planning activities have different levels - federal and regional. The Ministry of Construction, in particular, has developed a concept for creating a digital vertical of urban planning solutions. This vertical includes not only urban planning systems, but also the national spatial data system, which is made by Rosreestr. This suggests that public authorities are now moving in the same vector. The aim, in particular, is to reduce the time frame for investment and construction projects by up to 20 % by digitally transforming processes and speeding up the individual mandatory procedures when digitalising them. 

During the discussion it was also noted that Building Information Modelling (BIM), as a process based on the use of intellectual 3D models, allows designers and builders to plan, design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure more efficiently.

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