Comfort and safety: comprehensive solutions for building projects based on the Alumark aluminium system

08.02.20233 minutes

TBM will be presenting functional windows, doors and facade glazing elements at RosBuild 2023 (Stand 81B85). All these products specimens are made from Alumark branded profiles with reliable fittings and engineering equipment. Windows, doors and facade glazing elements are assembled from different systems with different thermal and aesthetic characteristics.

The TBM stand will showcase the most interesting and sought-after solutions on today's construction market. To equip the exhibits at the TBM stand, additional ventilation, security, automatic opening and remote access systems have been used. The use of these components ensures quick evacuation in case of fire, protection of children from falling out, ventilation when the sashes are closed, remote control of access to rooms, burglary protection, remote control of active sashes, reduction of heat loss, protection of soffits and walls from impacts of opening sashes or doors, smooth closing of doors, connection to fire alarm systems, protection from injuries, and smoke exhaust.

The specialists at TBM take a holistic approach to building and architectural challenges and place emphasis on safety, as required by regulations. Structures assembled from Alumark systems are fully airtight. They perfectly retain heat, keep out street noise and reliably protect against dust and precipitation. This allows them to be installed in noisy areas and also helps to save on heating costs and keep the interior clean without problems.

Alumark profiles can be used to assemble linear and radius shaped structures. They are suitable for glazing large areas and have proven to be excellent in high wind loads. An important advantage of Alumark windows is the high light transmission achieved by the reduced width of the profiles.

The strength characteristics of Alumark systems exclude deformation and ensure stability of all structures with dimensions and shape according to technical regulations. Aluminium profiles are non-combustible and have a fire certificate of conformity, which makes them perfect for glazing structures with high traffic loads.

Another advantage of Alumark systems is the wide choice of decors. Aluminium profiles are painted with powder enamel, which is resistant to mechanical stress and weather conditions. The possibility of decorating the face of the profiles allows to bring to life more design ideas when implementing architectural projects. Painted Alumark systems also have all the necessary certificates of conformity. In terms of thermal performance, they are as good as basic profiles with an anodised finish.

Aluminium glazing can last up to 100 years if the operating rules are followed and maintenance is carried out in good time. At the moment, all modifications of the translucent structures are in steady demand. Every year, more than 1,000,000 square metres of windows and doors made from the Alumark system are produced in Russia.

Thanks to the Alumark systems, the possibilities for architects, designers and builders are virtually limitless. The availability of several series of aluminium profiles with different thermal and technical characteristics makes it possible to successfully glaze window openings and facades of buildings of different sizes, as well as roof slabs. Alumark systems are excellent for interior glazing and escape routes.

To put together window, door and facade units assembled from Alumark profiles, TBM employees use components from reputable manufacturers, which ensures maximum functionality and safety of the products.

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