By developing own brands, TBM secures orders from Russian manufacturers

16.05.20232 minutes

This year TBM, the largest supplier of quality components and fittings for windows, doors and double-glazed windows, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It is a significant date for a company that operates in such a highly competitive market. Artem Myakotkin, head of project sales at TBM, spoke about what the company plans to present at RosBuild and its plans for 2023.

Why did you decide to exhibit at RosBuild and Russian Construction Week? What do you expect from participation?

This year marks the company’s 30th anniversary. During this time, TBM has established itself in the market as a reliable partner and supplier. Having become an expert in window and door fittings, we developed our own aluminum building system and in 2011 together with German colleagues we created ALUMARK, a unique product that combines European quality, affordable price and technical characteristics that are adapted to drastically different climatic conditions in various regions of Russia.

This is the first time our company is exhibiting at RosBuild. Our stand will be dedicated to comfort and safety. We will present integrated solutions developed by our engineering experts for translucent structures based on the ALUMARK aluminium system, with maximum consumer properties including air-tightness, heat saving, noise protection, burglary protection, and child safety.

How has the company managed to cope with the effects of the pandemic and the geopolitical and economic crisis of 2022? What measures have you taken: changing suppliers, optimising the product range, logistics?

Since the company has its own brands, reliable suppliers and minded logistics industry, we have been able to consistently supply components for the production of translucent structures and provide assurance of our partners and customers.

What plans does the company have for 2023? Which area do you plan to develop most actively?

In 2023, the company will continue its course towards import substitution, attracting Russian producers as much as possible. We will also continue to actively develop our own brands. Especially for this purpose, we have created a project department, which should connect all participants in the construction market and ensure uninterrupted pace of work in all areas. We look forward to seeing all construction industry professionals at our stand!

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