Application of new aluminium-based technologies and solutions in construction discussed at a conference

04.03.20223 minutes

The Conference on Advanced Technologies and Innovative Aluminium-based Materials for Green Architecture and Construction has aroused great interest among the professionals of the construction and relevant industries. The event was held today at Expocentre Fairgrounds within Russian Construction Week 2022 and the RosBuild 2022 international exhibition. The conference was organised by the Aluminium Association and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The conference was attended by prominent experts and planners, heads of leading aluminium industry companies and representatives of leading industry institutions.

The session included an exchange of information on the application of advanced technologies and innovative aluminium-based materials for use in the architectural and construction industry. The session participants shared their experience in implementing and using aluminium in modern buildings and structures to improve performance, environmental and aesthetic qualities and to save budgets for national projects and renovation.

Olga Ogorodnikova, Head of the Construction Sector of the Aluminium Association, spoke about market developments, new trends and products in construction. When designing new facilities, she said, materials play a special role, which should meet such criteria as environmental friendliness, durability of materials equal to the life cycle of buildings, involvement of construction materials in recycling after disposal.

There are new products that allow the bulky decorative elements used in building architecture to be replaced by rolled or pressed aluminium panels. In public areas, ceiling solutions are used that are replaced by innovative aluminium materials. In the modular glazing system, in addition to translucent modules, modules are used which carry a combination of materials - not just glass, but also finishing materials: stone, ceramic tiles. However, according to the expert, all this can be replaced by aluminium through new technologies in the form of cladding material.

Alexander Volokitin, Head of RUSAL's Consumption Development Project Group, continued the discussion. He spoke about current market trends. "Today, about 15% of the aluminium used in Russia goes to the market of translucent constructions, which is almost 170 thousand tonnes. Recently the share of aluminium has been increasing due to the evolution of windows. Trends include the introduction of new GOSTs, which take into account the low carbon footprint of the structure. The window is thus integrated into the ecosystem of the house," stated the speaker. He also pointed out that aluminium, as one of the best materials, can be recycled (95%). This is a very topical and debated issue.

Alexander Volokitin also spoke about new translucent structures, such as aluminous composite windows.  The b2c private customer market, which is positioned as a premium product, will be promising for the coming years, in his opinion.

The audience was delighted with comfortable, safe solutions for translucent structures based on aluminium systems by Timur Todua, Deputy Director of Sales at Masttech. Roman Selin, RUSAL/Gravis Construction Consumption Development Project Manager, presented new products and progressive solutions for façades.

Then the participants talked about the impact of translucent structures in forming a safe and comfortable environment for human life and work, and presented such product as a safe cable made of a new aluminium alloy for residential construction. They also discussed modern technologies for outdoor lighting as an important component in the formation of urban environment, the "third place" concept - technology to create new urban spaces that are not related to home and work, such as cafes, clubs, parks, libraries, and other issues of professional interest.

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