Alegria goes beyond the DIY market and launches new ranges

03.02.20232 minutes

Alegria produces crumb rubber materials for home, garden and construction. The company produces roll coverings, anti-slip flooring, anti-vibration mats, garden paths, which protects against slipping indoors and outdoors, reduces vibration and noise, and also cushions heavy equipment in industrial areas. Denis Gripas, CEO of the company, spoke in more detail about what the company plans to present at RosBuild 2023.

- Our company's crumb rubber products are based on rubber granules from waste tires. Every year we produce products from almost 70,000 old tires. One such tire decomposes in the soil or in landfill sites for more than 100 years. Using such a circular economy is a conscious choice compared to mining new raw materials. Less CO2 is emitted and there is no risk to human health. The wide range of materials for household use helps people to get a quality product and solve environmental problems of tire recycling.

- What projects were completed in 2022, what are you working on today?

- This year, import substitution was carried out across all product lines. We have significantly expanded our product line. We went beyond the DIY market, and launched product lines for the car market and the animal products market. Today, the quality of secondary raw materials is so high that they can be used optimally by industry as a substitute for natural resources.

Our decks have excellent load-bearing capacity, suitable for use under treadmills, fitness equipment, industrial equipment. The products have excellent vibration and sound insulation properties.

- How do you rate your previous experience of exhibiting at RosBuild, and what role do professional exhibitions play in your marketing strategy?

- Our previous experience has been quite positive for us. As they used to say in Russia, we went to the exhibition "to show ourselves and to look at others". We were able to present our new product lines very well and, what is very important, we gathered new business contacts. We have received very good feedback from the professional community. We are therefore actively preparing for RosBuild 2023, and invite all interested professionals and private visitors to our stand.

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